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Portfolio Planning Service and Investment Calculator

The Unique Assetz Property Investment 'Portfolio Planning Service' and Property Investment Calculator Software

Enquire about our Portfolio Planning Service.

Assetz has designed a unique property portfolio planning system that helps investors achieve a significant income from property, in a time-frame that suits their plans. Our consultants will help you design your plan, either starting from scratch or analysing and suggesting adjustments to an existing portfolio. The end result is a printed report, access to your personal online portfolio planning software and a targeted portfolio of property that will deliver your ideal financial outcome in an appropriate timescale. Depending upon your investment level, we can design plans generating income immediately. The majority of clients, however, are seeking independent income in typically 8-15 years’ time.

Clients come to Assetz for help and guidance in formulating a realistic strategy for their property investment activities, whether they already own a series of properties or are looking to acquire a portfolio in the future. Our service is as valuable for an established landlord of two decades as it is for a new starter with few or no existing properties. We meet very few clients who have existing property investments and can actually forecast what their portfolio is going to achieve for them - i.e. what income it could generate for them and by when. This service aims to answer these questions, help you improve the answer and give you greater clarity in your decisions and investments.

Without proper planning, and very detailed investment modelling, an investor is acting in the dark and cannot know if the properties they already own are sufficient to produce the results they are aiming for or, indeed, even if they are the right properties. Do you even know what outcome you are aiming for in terms of time-frame and financial results?

Our tried and tested portfolio planning system utilises a mix of one-to-one consultancy and our unique software system, designed and written in-house, to design and store your plan and permit you to monitor its progress over the years based upon many assumptions and scenarios. We offer two strategies according to your property investment objectives ;

Build a Retirement Income Portfolio - Design a diversified property portfolio that will give you a debt-free high-income in retirement within typically 10 to 15 years from zero current investments, faster if you have existing property investments. Typically, for a new investor with no existing properties, each £30,000 invested today could produce around £10,000 of income per year for life in 10 to 15 years on relatively low assumptions. This strategy is ideal for those seeking lower risk and a higher certainty of the income objective being achieved.

Build a Capital Growth Portfolio - Design a property portfolio to grow your capital from a relatively low starting point and with a relatively aggressive investment strategy. This method utilises low-deposit buy-to-let property, normally found in the UK due to the low costs of purchase and sale that helps enhance returns. We can help you build a large portfolio of property over time with as little starting capital as £20,000, provided that you have a healthy income as well. In today’s property environment you should be looking to take around a 10-year view at least.

Our system has been used to build many very successful long-term plans for clients and it is the same system used by ourselves as active investors.

Portfolio Planning Process

Firstly your overall financial goals are reviewed via a fact-find with a particular focus on income/capital requirements and acceptable time-frames for these outcomes. Existing investments are factored in to the review.

Following this, your portfolio is created within the software based upon any existing property you own. These properties are sorted into Generators (high-income cash positive properties) and Accelerators (low deposit capital growth properties). The system will take all of your data on these properties including mortgage, LTV, value and rents plus take your assumptions of price and rent inflation and base rates and project the financial results of your portfolio for years to come in both tabular data and charts.

The system produces charts showing the future mortgage balances, equity and rental income from the portfolio as well as predicting the date at which you could retire on your portfolio based upon your assumptions. If you raised equity for investment from re-mortgaging your home, then the repayment of this debt can also be factored into the system.

There is much to learn for experienced or first-time property investors when planning a structured portfolio using our process ;

  • How to achieve a debt-free, high income property portfolio that would permit you to retire in 10 to 15 years’ time - even if house price growth is low over any period
  • How to re-balance your existing buy-to-let portfolio with more high-income / high-yield properties - and where to find them
  • How to generate a large cash lump sum in years to come - even if house price growth is low over any period
  • How to ensure your retirement portfolio is hands-off and low-risk

Stop Speculating - Start Investing

It is a sad fact that many people started out in property investment with a pure objective of capital growth but have found this to be difficult to forecast. Recent times have shown that predictable property growth year after year is not possible and this strategy cannot be relied upon as the foundation of reliable pension planning. There is a growing realisation that income generating properties provide a greater stability and predictability to any portfolio and this has been the basis of the myportfolio™ software and process for many years.

Portfolios using the investment principles embodied within this system have performed superbly through the recent turbulent times and are little affected in terms of time-frame or predicted financial outcomes.

Your Next Action :

Please enquire about booking a one-to-one portfolio building session by filling out this form or alternatively you may attend one of our regional Members' Training Days for a brief introduction to the system as one of the short training courses or come to one of our specialist regional Portfolio Planning Training Day Workshops with a small group of people being trained together and access to our FREE software system following attendance. See what other investors thought of the courses here.


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